Computer Repair in Montebello January 17, 2009

Montebello Computer Repair.

I went to Montebello to visit a company that does bottling. They bottle soft drinks for various companies like Jones soda and have all the important formulations for those delectable flavors of cola, and to top it off they mostly use cane sugar. Regardless, something bad was brewing at this bottling company. Fake anti-virus infected one of their computers and the husband of Mariann (who maintains the business) tried desperately to remove the virus, but to no avail. This virus has cost people over 40 million dollars, because it scams them into thinking they need to pay $40 dollars for it to be removed, and 10 million people got infected so do the math. Anyway, this virus was brutal. It was paired with other viruses as well and the front USB ports would not work and the internet was cut off because when it was attempted by her husband to remove the virus, he removed the internet because they are tied together by a dll. I was able to partially eradicate the virus enough to fix the internet, then when I got the updated definitions the virus did not stand a chance. I also gave them a superior browser (Firefox) and WOT for their troubles. I also removed the inferior virus scanner they had and replaced it with our standard one.

Their main financial computer was also unknowingly infected with privacy-compromising spy-ware. They signed up for a maintenance plan on the computer along with new computer setup and I removed the spyware, although my speed was severely limited by the computer’s older processor. We can now connect to it remotely and monitor the health of the hard drive and check to see if the client got any new malware.

They also had network troubles, so I gave them a couple tips to show their DSL company who was the real boss; the customer. They are too far away from the DSL home office, so they are getting slow speeds of that of a $10 value package but are getting charged for premium service at $60 a month. I also moved one folder to another computer that they needed so they were extremely pleased. They were fun to be around too, and I admire people who aren’t too serious. We all had fun and accomplished great things…and so the world turns.

Brandon Lawrence, E-Geniuses Technician

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