Best Blackberry Browser Comparison Tests (w/ Charts) January 17, 2010

LOGOS Best Blackberry Browser Comparison Tests (w/ Charts)LOGOS Best Blackberry Browser Comparison Tests (w/ Charts)

I love my Blackberry for emails and other work-related tasks, but when you compare the Safari browser on the iPhone to the Blackberry Browser, the Blackberry plain sucks. Luckily there are alternatives. I have done some comparison tests to find out which browsers are the best.

I am using my Blackberry 8900 using T-Mobile’s EDGE network. Since it is running on EDGE instead of 3G, it is even more important that the browser be as efficient as possible. I tested loading two image heavy sites, Lifehacker and Engadget. I also tested the time it takes for the applications to load.

Here’s what I found:

wifi test Best Blackberry Browser Comparison Tests (w/ Charts)

EDGE test Best Blackberry Browser Comparison Tests (w/ Charts)

Start test Best Blackberry Browser Comparison Tests (w/ Charts)

#1 Pick: Opera Mini 5 Beta 2

Pros: Interface, usability, graphics, smooth scroll, tabbed browsing, password saving feature, formatting of images and text is true to original site,can zoom in/out, speed dial, overall feature set.

Cons: Can sometimes feel a bit sluggish and less responsive compared to the Blackberry Browser. Possibly more resource intensive.

Conclusion: Best overall browser for everyday use. It isn’t as fast as Blackberry Browser to start up or the Bolt on Wi-Fi (when Bolt’s proxy servers are working properly), but the features and overall usability make this the best browser for the Blackberry.

#2 Runner Up: Bolt Browser 1.62

Pros: Very fast on Wi-Fi, use keys to navigate around the page quickly, good page rendering, remembers passwords.

Cons: Proxy server was not consistent. Can be Extremely fast at times, slow at others. Sometimes gets stuck at 20 percent trying to connect to their proxy servers. Font is a bit small. Not as good at rendering fonts compared to the other 2 browsers. Less robust feature set than Opera.
Conclusion: A good browser when you are browsing using a Wi-Fi connection and plan on using surfing for longer than 2 minutes.

#3 Last Place: Blackberry Browser

Pros: Built into OS, program is well integrated into system. Loads the fastest.

Cons: Painfully slow to load pages, no tabbed browsing, minimal feature set.

Conclusion: Unfortunately the default browser. Opera and Bolt are taking steps to allow for the option to open links with their browsers instead.

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  • Angela Jude

    I agree with your assessments. I'm also running an 8900 on tmo so browsing speed is often frustrating when I'm not on wifi. The tabbed browsing in opera is fantastic. Couple that with the bookmarks homescreen and speed is really the only thing I'm missing.

  • joom

    Blackberry Browser is not startup faster !! it's run in background, alway loaded when system startup and never shutdown,

    • Joey Mariano

      Exaclty right joom. That is why it starts faster. It’s the same reason why iTunes starts so fast on Macs. It’s partially pre-loaded since it is closely integrated into the operating system.