Lastpass Password Manager February 17, 2010

Lastpass Password Manager

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Everyone I know has had a problem remembering a password for a website. It is good to have different passwords for different websites for security purposes, but it can quickly become a hassle to try to remember which passwords to use. That’s where LastPass comes in handy. LastPass is an addon that works for the most popular browsers; Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari.

With LastPass, your passwords are stored online using secure encryption which means that it is the same level of security as your online banking. Having it stored online offers a few advantages over storing your passwords locally on your computer. First of all, LastPass will allow you to access your “Password Vault” using one password which means you only have to remember one password! (Don’t forget that one though.)

Another advantage to using LastPass is that you can setup LastPass on multiple computers so that it can automatically fill in your passwords to websites on any of your computers. When you login to a new website using a never-before-used username and password, LastPass will ask whether you want to store the password. If you say yes, LastPass will synchronize the new password across your multiple computers.

LastPass will also allow you to have multiple username and passwords for websites. This comes in handy if you have multiple Gmail accounts for example.

You can download LastPass here.

After you download and install LastPass, you will go through a setup wizard that will walk you through step-by-step. You should import your passwords currently saved on locally on your computer. Setup LastPass on all of the computers you want synchronized.

Forget the days when you had to create a list of all of your passwords. Now all you have to remember is one.

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