About Joey Mariano

Joey’s business philosophy is to help friends, inspire others and to advance society through the use of technology. His main core value is to always take a principled stance. In his downtime, Joey enjoys reading, photography, staying in shape and spending quality time with his family and friends.

Google SMS for your Phone

Google SMS for your Phone If you can text message, then you have the power of Google at your fingertips. Our newest technician here at E-Geniuses, Jonatan, showed me how to access all sorts of information just by texting 466453  … Continue reading

Weak Wireless Signal

The client was experiencing a very weak wireless signal. We arrived at his home and discovered that his computer was located on one side of the building while the wireless access point was on the other side. Normally it is … Continue reading

For Businesses to Grow in a Fledgling Economy, Turn to Technology and Telecommuting, Says E-Geniuses

Leading L.A.-based computer repair service company E-Geniuses illustrates how businesses can utilize technology and telecommuting to not only survive the economic crisis but to grow in a down market. Continue reading

Computer Repair Service for FIDM Students

Computer Repair for Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) Students We happen to get a lot of students from FIDM since our main office is near, only  a block away from the campus. We received a call from a … Continue reading

The Future of Twitter

The Future of Twitter WHAT IS TWITTER? You might have heard about that online application with the funny name called Twitter. Twitter lets users transmit short, 140 character messages called tweets, to the web. I use the word transmit because … Continue reading

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